Noise. It’s a wonderful thing. Rock…also a wonderful thing. So, noise rock, one can only ascertain, is a truly wonderful
" to translate to you! To transfer my meaning, to transport my view" This album is a lot. There are
Naive Joy's debut e.p. is a wonderful and eclectic introduction for this South Bend duo. The opening track Quixotic Burst
" Being at a brbra show is like remembering all the things you know you forgot to do the last
If you're looking for a good starting point into the Chicago music scene, Dan Jarvis' bands and music involvements are
“We like each other as people, we like each other as bands” It’s hard to write about Lung with any

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Unique, beautiful, bizarre music exists in small places. Middle Music seeks to lift up D.I.Y. and small bands, whether from Detroit, or a basement in Indiana. We love music, and so do you ?