R3id – A is for Ella

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” to translate to you! To transfer my meaning, to transport my view” This album is a lot. There are moments of tender folk nostalgia, there are cheerleader chants, and there is endless ambition in this theatrical album. After listening … Continued

Naive Joy – Dystopic Present

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Naive Joy’s debut e.p. is a wonderful and eclectic introduction for this South Bend duo. The opening track Quixotic Burst opens with a few measures of synth that sound like it could be in a moody Fraggle Rock episode, then … Continued

Sophia Lucia – Self Titled

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This album feels like a conversation, as if Sophia is talking and singing directly to the listener, with a little guitar mixed in too. All ten tracks give off an intimate vibe, sometimes silly, sometimes serious. The vocals range from … Continued

Everyday Specials – Half Off Heartbreak

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Dang, these vocal melodies are hot. I first heard these songs at Chicago’s Phyllis’ Musical Inn, one of Everday Specials’ first shows. On first listen of this 6 song short play, all the songs popped right back in my head, … Continued

Lung – Come Clean Right Now

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What a dang treat, more new Lung music! Their split with SKRT was already a highlight of the year. This new album continues Lung’s trend of somehow getting better. This album has a denser feel than their previous releases. Come … Continued

Hannah Sandoz – To Love and Loss!

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“Leaves fall on my head rain falls on my head everything above me falls onto my head (howling) my dog wrote this part he sang with me at my parents piano” What a simple and beautiful way to start an … Continued

Pinc Louds – La Atómica

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When searching for new music, I’m always looking for songwriters who have a uniquely honest songwriting style, and Claudi is without a doubt one of the most unique songwriters in the indie-rock world right now. The new Pinc Louds album … Continued

Burr Oak -Late Bloomer

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This release has been on our radar since we interviewed the band earlier this year. Many of the songs in this collection have been out as singles, creating a slow build up of anticipation for the full work. And was … Continued