Able Baker – Spiral Bound Songs

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This is a dang good downer. The newish release from Able Baker features 5 pleasantly sad songs that mix together aspects of slow-core, emo, and aughts indie rock. Characteristics of Superchunk show up, as well as a similarity to VoirVoir … Continued

sweetmelk – Living Room

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“Were you just trying to figure me out then, a social science? Won’t you share your findings with the subject of your experiment?” This short play is beautiful. Haunting and full vocals, a singer-songwriter vibe, but not in a dated … Continued

La Cosa – 7″

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Prime punk/psych/noise rock from Chicago’s own La Cosa. Songs have a driving beat, reverb for days, and some pretty gnarly distortion on everything from the sax to the vocals. One can even hear traces of the Stooges or Sonic Youth … Continued

The Sprawl – Cancelled Future

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“I am America, can you tell? I’m more unfair than a concrete cell” I want more music like this to exist. I’ve often dreamt of an alternate punk reality where bands like Devo, Minutemen, Suburban Lanes, and Dead Milkmen were … Continued

Safe x Sound – Documentary Trailer

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Brian Walker is quite the active and creative person: music with A Day Without Love, the podcast Dreams Not Memes, and now a documentary. In the trailer, Brian states that “When I am vulnerable and authentic, people see that and … Continued

Volk – Atlanta Dog

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“It’s a holy right of passage, fighting apathy…” Nashville Rock n Roll exactly as one would demand and expect! Volk pulls out all the stops here: rhythmic swagger, irreverent lyricism, and some definite catchiness to tie it all together. You … Continued

Fauvely – Beautiful Places

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“Demons like beautiful places. Demons like beautiful places” Sophie Brochu proclaims to the listener, “I never get good news,” but I’ve got some good news, Sophie and bandmates have delivered a wonderful and catchy album. Chicago based, Fauvely welcome listeners … Continued

Lung + SKRT – We Like Each Other

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“We like each other as people, we like each other as bands” It’s hard to write about Lung with any air of objectivity. Their music is a delightful blend of punk, metal, and rock that is swirled up and delivered … Continued

SKRT + Lung – SKRT Side

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This split LP is an Ohio treat. Based in Dayton, SKRT have been playing their dense and energetic punk tunes since 2013. Going from the Lung side to the SKRT side has the feeling of being at a well thought … Continued