Lung + SKRT – Side Lung

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I’m just going to get right to it: listen to this, now if you can! Stop reading and go put this on. Feel free to stop back once you’re done. Oh hey, welcome back! Wasn’t that great? Lung is at … Continued

Cattera – Hunger of the Beast

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I am often suspicious of anything on the internet, on or about the first of April, so when I came across the debut single Hunger of the Beast by NYC metal band Cattera I assumed I would be greeted with … Continued

Local Gems – Cat Midway

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Cat Midway’s self-titled album came out in 2013 via GTG Records. This label and collective has been connected with some midwest favorites like: The Plurals, Narc out the Reds, Fiction Junkies, Scary Women. Tommy from GTG records vaguely knew Cat … Continued

Pure Intruders – No Hard Feelings

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Pure Intruders formed less than a year ago, and they’re off to a wonderful start. They formed during lock-down life and began writing songs remotely. This new e.p. comes after previously releasing three singles. Each of these four songs offers … Continued

The Stools -Feelin’ Fine

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Definitely check this out if you’re into dirty punk sounds, it’s a 6 minute blast! Distorted and fast everything. This Detroit trio offers an intense combination of garage rock and hardcore. Their sound fits nicely with other midwest acts like … Continued

rincs – Never Wanted it Anyway

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Before listening to rincs, I read their Spotify bio, which is also the only information I could find about them: “Los Angeles weirdos, Ableton, coffee, DIY, bicycles, walking shoes.” I’m guessing that if you’re reading this, you probably connect with … Continued

Turner Cody – Boozing and Losing

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The latest from Turner Cody continues his twenty year winning streak of simple, thoughtful songwriting. Turner started in the New York City anti-folk scene with acts like Jeffrey Lewis, Kimya Dawson, Adam Green, and Dianne Cluck. This most recent track … Continued

Warren Dunes – Get Well Soon

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Warren Dunes can write a very pleasant indie-pop tune. My favorite part of this band is the interaction between the keyboards and guitar. The way that the instruments seem to be communicating with each other is reminiscent of some of … Continued