Gilt Drip – Earthly Concepts

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Dream like textures and ambiance, with complex yet accessible rhythms. This Chicago trip-hop duo incorporates elements of jazz that can be heard in the vocals and songwriting style. Their evocative lyrics guide you through their songs as a journey, with … Continued

Katie Bejsiuk – The Woman on the Moon

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“taffeta sky tears in your eyes it’s the least romantic night of your life if you leapt would you land on a trampoline burn everything burn everything” This has been my album of the summer, and it’s been a pleasant … Continued

The Counter Elites – Abort the Court

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“The verdict is clear, the villains are here, destroy supremacy, end judicial tyranny.” This song is why I love The Counter Elites: fuzzy distorted bass lines, shouted then spoken vocals, punchy drums, and lyrics focused on the destructiveness of American … Continued

Leonora – Wrong Car

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“Kerouac-ac-ac panic attack on highway sixty-six-six(ck) as the story clicks” Geez Louize, what a first song from Leonora! This is the first single from the group formerly know as, Godawful Small Affairs, and the group is now joined by R3id. This song is so … Continued

Liam Kazar – Due North

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This is one of those rare albums that sound both new and incredibly familiar. Kazar finds the sweet spot between indie pop, funk, singer songwriter, and rock. It’s a delightful blend, with each song seeming to have its own distinct … Continued

Wipes – Dumpster b​/​w You’re the Boss

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Noise. It’s a wonderful thing. Rock…also a wonderful thing. So, noise rock, one can only ascertain, is a truly wonderful thing. Enter Wipes, from the Lehigh Valley region of eastern Pennsylvania. In November of 2021, they released their first 7” … Continued