Diagonal – S/T

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Some pretty rad psych/jam/shoegaze styled rock from Chicago’s own Diagonal. Here we have an interesting contradiction of vibes: dreamy and grounded. It’s dreamy in the atmospheric and ambient sense. While it’s grounded in the sense that the musicianship and songwriting … Continued

The Scratch-Offs – S/T

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Midwest garage rock at its best! One can hear traces of everything from the MC5 to the Stones to Tom Petty in the driving blues/garage/southern rock arrangements, with lyrics detailing the idiosyncrasies, angst, and peculiar joy of living in what … Continued

Blow Pop – Just Friends

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Do you remember fun? Do you like fun? Cool! Blow Pop’s new single continues their winning streak of making ridiculous disco flavored pop songs. I Got the Moves is a welcomed reminder that we used to go out and dance. Oh … Continued

Glitter Moneyyy – Peggy Sue

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“Strapped and ready to go” Who better than Glitter Moneyyy to be the first act that Middle Music covers for a second time? Peggy Sue continues G$’s ability to challenge heteronormativity and misogyny, while being sexy and fun. This time as … Continued

Regional Classics – L.A. Fastlife

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L.A. Fastlife traverses the garage, proto-punk, and rock superhighway both at a most intense rate of speed and at times lumbering, their vehicle shedding dirt and ice like an east coast punk comet.  The first track “Trends” crawls along through … Continued

Gal Gun – Critical Hit

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This is the type of band that you’d be pleased to stumble upon at a basement show anywhere in the Midwest and beyond. The songs on this latest release have a multitude of hooks in the great pop punk tradition, … Continued

Jen & the Dots – S/T

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Chicago’s Jen & The Dots opens their self-titled debut with “Greta Garbo”, a song whose poppy hook ironically refers to the melancholic twentieth century actress, the music pulling you along on a mellow surfy journey reminiscent of 60s pre-punk and … Continued

VoirVoir – Happy For You (Track Premiere)

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YeeHaw, new VoirVoir, their first new release in four years! Based out of Bethlehem, VoirVoir has an ethereal indie rock vibe. Vocal melodies swell in and out of a steady drum beat. The guitars alternate between single notes and heavy … Continued