The Wild Honey Collective – Volume 1

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Wild Honey Collective does exactly what they set out of to do, which is, amass a solid collection of front porch jams for the warmer days ahead. Or the longing for those days in the meantime. Stylistically, we’re treated to … Continued

Dxtr Spits + Brizzy Danks – Pack of Dank

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I dig short songs, Dxtr Spits, and short albums, I like how the artist gets to the point, shares their main idea, then moves on. This an enjoyable new audiovisual release from Chicago based, Dxtr Spits, along with Brizzy Danks. … Continued

City Ghost – Gray

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City Ghost is one of those bands that make me miss concerts more than most. Their energy is infectious, their sound is familiar yet new, and their angst is PALPABLE. Salt Lake City’s City Ghost just released a new 6-song … Continued

Jake Simmons – Kalamazoo

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Jake Simmons from Kalamazoo chatted with Brad and Tim (YouTube video below). Jakes Simmons and the Little Ghosts have been playing foot stomping rock and roll throughout Michigan and the midwest for over ten years. Jake’s songs hit that special … Continued

Baby Jesus Paper Boy – S/T

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The label “psychedelic” may be tossed around too often for it to mean much, but this record certainly gives a nod to the grand tradition of rock that doesn’t care much for boundaries. The songs here can vary from acoustic-driven … Continued

Wet Tropics – Everybody Get In

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Noisy, rocking, distorted: I like those things. The songs are reminiscent of the more structured aspects of Sonic Youth or Ty Segall. The nine songs and thirty minutes are to the point, but with plenty of room for the guitar … Continued

Uno Lady – Grounded

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With Grounded, Cleveland’s own Uno Lady has created an engaging and gratifying guide to mediation. The epitome of “headphone music”, the tracks here are anchored by all manner of ambient sound design and complex vocal harmony. The artist’s stated goal … Continued

Brady Matteson – Sleeper

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The feeling of calmness while getting onto a bus, but not knowing why you got on the bus, and where is the bus even going. Hiss, pop, ding, hiss, then some layers. I’m not sure where all the sounds are … Continued

Half Gringa – Force to Reckon

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Some musical works play like poetry, and Half Gringa’s latest release “Force to Recon” is certainly one of them. With gems of lines like “I don’t know your feelings by their first name” or “We didn’t need to drive 900 … Continued

Smile with Invisible Cartoons

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Invisible Cartoons have been performing their eclectic “smile rock” tunes around the midwest for eight years. This Chicago area quintet combines their diverse tastes in soul, metal, indie rock, and funk to create a unique and uplifting sound that all … Continued