Lung + SKRT – We Like Each Other

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“We like each other as people, we like each other as bands” It’s hard to write about Lung with any air of objectivity. Their music is a delightful blend of punk, metal, and rock that is swirled up and delivered … Continued

Local Gems – Cat Midway

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Cat Midway’s self-titled album came out in 2013 via GTG Records. This label and collective has been connected with some midwest favorites like: The Plurals, Narc out the Reds, Fiction Junkies, Scary Women. Tommy from GTG records vaguely knew Cat … Continued

Jake Simmons – Kalamazoo

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Jake Simmons from Kalamazoo chatted with Brad and Tim (YouTube video below). Jakes Simmons and the Little Ghosts have been playing foot stomping rock and roll throughout Michigan and the midwest for over ten years. Jake’s songs hit that special … Continued

Smile with Invisible Cartoons

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Invisible Cartoons have been performing their eclectic “smile rock” tunes around the midwest for eight years. This Chicago area quintet combines their diverse tastes in soul, metal, indie rock, and funk to create a unique and uplifting sound that all … Continued

LETRAS – Pleasantries and Purl Scudd

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By: Sam Glaser and Meka Ohno Connections between fanboys are often ephemeral, or fleeting. Job gets busy, responsibilities at home flare up when that backyard show was scheduled… But this is not one of those stories. What you’re about to … Continued

Just Another Day – Woodie Lawson

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“Everything I do with my music I create. I don’t make things based on what people will like. I make them best on what I feel best expresses me.” Woodie Lawson’s music combines beats, guitar, and Woodie. His debut e.p. … Continued

UMAW Benefit Show Review

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7:00pm CT, Friday, January 8, 2021 | The Internet The Union of Musicians and Allied Workers (UMAW) Chicago chapter hosted a house show for our times. Rather than packing into a friend of a friend’s dim basement, attendees tuned into … Continued