Glitter Moneyyy: Please Santa Interview

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“Santa baby, just slip a vaccine under the tree… vaccinate me Santa, bring me that shot, I want to go to the club and make this pussy pop,” with lyrics like this it must be another Glitter Moneyyy Christmas anthem. If you’re new to Glitter Moneyyy expect lines that blend together sex positivity, merriment, politics, and partying. I have admired this duo ever since Lung told me about them in 2018, and this song builds on their momentum. End your 2020 with something good, enjoy this brief G$ interview, and imagine Mitch McConnell finding a poopy Christmas stocking. 


What did Glitter Moneyyy ask Santa for this year, besides a vaccine?

TayyySlayyy: I am hoping for a new buttplug. 

Queen Trashley- Unhoused people to receive actual support. And a Sodastream.


Who do you think is on Santa’s 2020 Naughty list?

Queen Trashley- Naughty List? Us. Asshole List? Covid deniers 

TayyySlayyy: Mitch McConnell is definitely getting a lump of coal this year for Christmas. Hope Santa takes a giant dump in his stocking tbh. 


Who is on Santa’s Naughty (in a good way) list?

TayyySlayyy: Queen Trashley sent me some naughty nudes recently so she’s definitely on the naughty list. 

Queen Trashley- I meant to send those to your dad…


Are Donald Trump and Krampus related?

 TayyySlayyy: hahaha It’s possible, trump is definitely a demon.


What type of cookie do you leave for Santa?


 TayyySlayyy: I always leave out oreos, milk and a polaroid nude pic. 

Queen Trashley- Pussy cookie


Will there be more Glitter Moneyyy in 2021?

Queen Trashley- Hell yeah! A LOT MORE. GET READY. 

TayyySlayyy: HELL YA!!! We got big plans for 2021. We moved out to LA just before the pandemic hit this year and most of our plans were derailed. We have been readjusting to life in this new “normal”and even though it has been a struggle at times, the thing that we love doing the most is creating art together and performing together. So we are very excited to keep raging into 2021 with some new shit.


Any favorite Christmas memories?

Queen Trashley- When I was a little kid, my mom hid my dad’s Christmas gift in my closet- a new bike. She swore me to secrecy. A few days later, my Dad was in my room and I freaked out! I shouted “Dad don’t look in my closet, your new bike is in there!” My family has never let me live it down. 

TayyySlayyy: Christmas in Chicago is ELITE! I always ride the holiday train, go see the zoo lights, and go to Christkindlmarket for some hot Chocolate. Of course one of my all time favorite Christmas memories was filming our music video for our first holiday song “Drummer Boi”. We went to this Christmas themed pop-up bar called “Santa Baby Bar” dressed in our best slutty holiday outfits. When we showed up they asked us to start cleaning because they thought we worked there. We politely told them we were trying to film a music video and then they gave us free drinks and let us into a private section of the bar to film. They were awesome and we love free drinks!


Any recent music recommendations?

Queen Trashley- Still digging into Perfume Genius’s last album Set My Heart on Fire Immediately. Angel Bat Dawid and The Brotherhood put out the best album of the year called Live. Open Mike Eagle’s Anime, Trauma and Divorce is on repeat. Chloe x Halle Ungodly Hour is another 2020 fav. Mourning [A] BLKstar’s The Cycle is absolutely stunning. 

Also been listening to a lot of Patsy Cline, NAH, IDLES, Xenia Rubinos, Against Me!, Cities Aviv, clipping., E-40 and the goddess BbyMutha. 

TayyySlayyy: I recently got turned onto Rina Sawayama and I haven’t stopped listening since! I love her metal pop fusion, “STFU” is one of my favorite songs on her album.


By: Tim Bauer