Axons / Shannon Candy / Deep Fake – The Hideout

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What a cathartic and wonderful night of punk adjacent tunes. If you’ve never been to the Hideout in Chicago, what a gem. It’s a cozy space that holds about 100 people, and a nice spot for a a Hamms, they also leave out a water dispenser with cups, and I always appreciate easy access to water.

The night kicked off with Deep Fake, it was my first time seeing them, and what a rocking set. Their sound was a coherent mix of riot grrrl, shoegaze, and grunge sounds. A pleasant mellow moment would be followed by a pummeling bridge, a balance of gentle and chaotic tension.  Also, definitely worth checking out their Frasier inspired tee shirt.

Shannon Candy and Friends were up next and played their fantastic album from 2020, So Long. It was hard to tell, since the crowd was all in masks, but it felt like everyone was singing along. Shannon’s album has many wonderful take down’s of misogyny, and in a live setting, these shine even brighter. Some of the more tongue in cheek moments were emphasized with Shannon’s delivery. The 25 minute set flew by and has me excited for what’s next for Shannon Candy and Friends. You can catch Shannon Candy at Cole’s on May 22, opening for Colleen Green.


I like to describe this song as being pro-crime.” The show was closed out by Axons who were celebrating the release of their new album, I Object to Everything. The lyrics for this album trace the story of two escaped prisoners. This subject matter is an interesting contrast to the peppy choruses throughout the album. Mentions of escapes and chases mixed with catchy “oohs” and ohs.” The music was a pleasant blend of garage, punk, and mellow indie rock vibes. The whole set was a captivating experience, and it had me looking forward to looking through their lyric zine while listening along to the album. Their new album is out on all the things, and I definitely recommend a few listens.

Photography – Tina Mead

Written by – Tim Bauer

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