Baby Jesus Paper Boy – Fifer in the Aviary

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I’ve been listening to Baby Jesus Paper Boy since I heard them do a Pizza Underground tribute, about a year ago, on the Internet Cafe Open Mic. I don’t think I have ever gotten the word order of the band name quite right in my head, Paper Baby Jesus Boy. This new e.p.continues to be a unique blend of guitars, saxophone, and eccentricities. Let It Happen On Purpose starts with bird chirps and a breezy groove, but their is a slight subversiveness underneath the ease of the song. Fifer in the Aviary ends with Fifer in the Aviary which mixes a catchy vocal chorus, programmed percussion, and a yo-yo of sounds. The sounds of Baby Jesus Paper Boy are unique, I could imagine seeing them play at a folksy indie rock show, an experimental/noise experience, or a basement punk show. Wherever, whenever, give Baby Jesus Paper Boy a listen.


-Tim Bauer

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