Burr Oak -Late Bloomer

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This release has been on our radar since we interviewed the band earlier this year. Many of the songs in this collection have been out as singles, creating a slow build up of anticipation for the full work. And was it ever worth the wait! Burr Oak is operating in an indie rock sphere that has been experiencing a bit of a renaissance, at least on the singer-songwriter front. Tracks like “Trying” and “FOMO” introduce a voice that is both searching and a little world weary. The title and song “Late Bloomer” is one that is sure to resonate with all those 20 (and even 30-somethings) that feel, like me, that they are just now coming into their own. It’s a great feeling to have songs to represent that and an artist who embraces both their past and future with such passion. I would be remiss if I didn’t also mention that the sound here is really top notch! The musicianship, arrangements, and melodies are so listenable as to be deceptively simple. It seems like it just “should be”. We highly recommend you check out this album, you will be glad you did!

By: Brad Miller

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