C.H.E.W. – In Due Time

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BLISTERING. What open flame or radiation would do to your skin, C.H.E.W.’s In Due Time 7” does to your ears—and probably your skin too with enough spins. These five songs are nasty, just nasty, a serrated blade covered in slime. The Chicago quartet explodes with rage without a moment’s pause, and in a time without shows, somehow manages to channel into these songs every bit of intensity and energy and absolute fucking mayhem that would ensue in whatever basement might be unlucky enough to attempt containing it. The vocals completely tear and gnash through the power chords—I swear saliva shoots from my turntable. And that fucking snare!! Do instruments have feelings? Because C.H.E.W.’s are ANGRY. Honestly you will be too about four seconds into this record, and these songs will help you to channel that, hone it, or at least induce spontaneous stomping wherever you happen to be. In Due Time will make you both scowl and smile in face of its ferocity, if it can even be faced head-on. Again: BLISTERING. YOU NEED THIS.

By: Anthony Lickwar