Cheekface -Emphatically No.

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Cheeky indie rock melodies and incredibly sharp and witty lyrics make up Los Angeles based Cheekface’s second full length album, Emphatically No.. This album is full of quips and one liners aimed at the absurdity and often times mundane-ness of day-to-day life and human behavior in general. The speak sing lyric delivery incorporates some subtle, fun, and toy like sounds throughout. Songs like “Call Your Mom” and “Loyal Like Me” go as far as taking on a faster more punk-y feel all while still examining a wide range of topics such as mental health, cultural norms and trends, personal confusion and turning to snacks for comfort. This is by far my favorite album of 2021, amusing and lively from start to finish, it’s a fantastic listen, but not great medical advice.

“Quick touch all the dogs, no late capitalism while I’m talking..”

By: Lanny Best

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