Katy Needs a Life – With Friends Like Bees

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Katy Needs a Life started as a solo project over a decade ago, until Katy needed a band. With Friends Like Bees is the debut full band project for Katy Needs a Life, and it’s a dang hit. Each song is a cohesive blend of pop-punk, new wave, and 90’s alt-rock. Songs feel emotional and anxious, while also being fun, rocking, and dancey. Other pleasant genres pop up as well, RouletteĀ sounds like it could be rewritten into a ska jam, if the synths were replaced by a horn sections. On the closing track, the line “I’m going down I see a light It shines so bright I’m only seconds away.” is repeated as the music swells, and the emotional tension rises. This album will get stuck in your head, and have you hoping to sing along with Katy Needs a Life in a basement soon.

By: Tim Bauer

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