Lady Queen Paradise – Diary

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Lady Queen Paradise’s new release “Diary” could not be more aptly named. These short, naked tracks are tiny windows into intimate moments and feelings that the listener could not possibly know the context of but will be moved by just the same. These songs are thoughts you might write down in your Notes App while riding the bus. These songs are post-its you might bring to therapy to unpack. These songs are the footprints a cat barely leaves in a spot of wet cement. “What would it look like if I could forgive myself?” and “you are not my mother – I am not your mother” are lyrics I will be gently singing to myself in my head when I look in the mirror for years to come.

 “Diary” is reminiscent of 90’s Julie Doiron, but Lady Queen Paradise somehow evokes the same feelings Julie took an entire album to build in sometimes less than 30 seconds. These short, specific feelings captured with just simple guitar plucking and a gentle voice will surely be a time capsule one day of what being alive right now is like – not only for Lady Queen Paradise, but for anyone lucky enough to stumble across this gem of a collection.

Favorite tracks: “Mystery,” “Mother,” and “Diary”.

By: Josaleigh Pollett