Lung – Come Clean Right Now

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What a dang treat, more new Lung music! Their split with SKRT was already a highlight of the year. This new album continues Lung’s trend of somehow getting better. This album has a denser feel than their previous releases. Come Clean Right Now has some of the most accessible and instantly likable songs that Lung has put out. I’m Nervous brings on some anxious pandemic heading nodding with silent rests, back and forth drums and cello. Air feels like it should be featured in the new Blade film.

If you haven’t listened to Lung before, it’s time. This Cincinnati cello/vocals and drum duo are one of the best bands in the midwest. Their uniquely dark take on rock music appeals across all the indie/punk/metal sub-genres. Their album art and recent videos add more depth to Lung. During non-pandemic time, they have also toured a lot! Whenever you feel ready to see shows, go see Lung and invite everyone, they’ll have a great time. My mom even likes Lung.


By: Tim Bauer

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