Naive Joy – Dystopic Present

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Naive Joy’s debut e.p. is a wonderful and eclectic introduction for this South Bend duo. The opening track Quixotic Burst opens with a few measures of synth that sound like it could be in a moody Fraggle Rock episode, then things get a bit more chaotic. The vocals are reminiscent of some of the finer experimental moments of Julian Casablancas’ vocals with The Voidz. Lead vocalist, Quin Wezeman, is a trained singer, and all of the vocal effects add to his talent as a vocalist. Anachronistic Daydreams is the highlight of this release, and is bursting with ideas, parts build and resolve, then cutaway in unexpected directions. This e.p. is an enjoyable listen, and I’ve had it on repeat since seeing them at Witches Brew in South Bend a month ago.

By: Tim Bauer

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