Pinc Louds – La Atómica

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When searching for new music, I’m always looking for songwriters who have a uniquely honest songwriting style, and Claudi is without a doubt one of the most unique songwriters in the indie-rock world right now. The new Pinc Louds album opens with  a kalimba and then Claudi’s distinctive voice, with some mild percussion. This is followed up with Tamarindo, which is a dang party of a song. If you’re not familiar with Pinc Louds, I recommend checking out the outdoor concerts they put on in New York City last summer. Tamarindo feels like the energy that was bursting from those shows, even watching them on instagram was a spirited experience. Throughout the album, things change a lot. The album is a pleasant hodgepodge of doowop, “tropical punk,” folk, and sounds unique to Pinc Louds. The band is made of folks from Puerto Rico, Israel, Chile, and New York, and this surely adds to the unique blend of music presented on this album. Pinc Louds are currently on tour in the midwest and beyond, whenever you return to seeing live shows, a night with Pinc Louds is a delight of storytelling, spectacle, and Claudi’s lovely charisma.


By: Tim Bauer

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