Publicity Stunt – Live On The Super Satan Show

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Pop punk. Depending on how old you are, how many pairs of Dickies short you used to/currently own, or how many times you have suffered waiting in line for a port-a-potty at Warped Tour, the term “pop punk” could mean a hundred different things. We are some twenty-one years removed from the pop punk explosion from the turn of the millennia and we are finally starting to see some a return to the pre “Enema” era of pop punk. Publicity Stunt hailing from Northwest Indiana is putting their own spin on the classic pop punk sound. You dig the Smoking Popes, Face to Face, or Wax? Then Publicity Stunt will be right up your alley. They recently dropped a live recording from the Super Satan Show from back in October and I must say the set delivers. High energy, guitar driven, and tight it was a joy to listen to. I also very much appreciate the shout out to the a local Jimmy John’s which at one point employed 2/3 of the NWI scene.


By: James Lear

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