Pure Intruders – No Hard Feelings

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Pure Intruders formed less than a year ago, and they’re off to a wonderful start. They formed during lock-down life and began writing songs remotely. This new e.p. comes after previously releasing three singles. Each of these four songs offers a slight variation on their synth/disco indie pop sound.

Dorothy is my favorite tune on here, with line’s like “For a world that’s disappointing Or at least- better times are coming.” This song ponders hard times, disappointment, the unexpected, which is both timely or representative of how Dorothy felt in the Wizard of Oz (should be noted that if I hadn’t just read the book, this reference would not be here).

This short play gives off a feeling of tenderness, with thoughtful lyrics, delivered with lovely harmonies. The lyrics feel relevant and they exist in that honest spot that address hope and despair.

By: Tim Bauer


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