R3id – A is for Ella

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” to translate to you! To transfer my meaning, to transport my view”

This album is a lot. There are moments of tender folk nostalgia, there are cheerleader chants, and there is endless ambition in this theatrical album. After listening to this album for several months, the fullness of the themes and intention have not completely set in yet. Each listen feels like a step closer to what R3id is communicating through these 17 songs. Musical themes and beats switch regularly, song structures are rarely repeated, songs are sang, spoken, poetic. Missy from the Godawful Small Affairs plays a character in the album, and it is always a delight to hear this human’s voice. The opening track, What they saw, rubbing off the skin— Was it just a trick of the light?, is 9 minutes of a slow build into a soaring melody that leads into noisy and experimental places, with lyrics reflecting on finding a home (or avoiding a void). For folks who like the eccentric side of Kevin Barnes (of Montreal) or who appreciate uniquely honest voices, this is a must listen. The effort and scope of this release are truly admirable.

By: Tim Bauer

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