Wipes – Dumpster b​/​w You’re the Boss

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Noise. It’s a wonderful thing. Rock…also a wonderful thing. So, noise rock, one can only ascertain, is a truly wonderful thing. Enter Wipes, from the Lehigh Valley region of eastern Pennsylvania. In November of 2021, they released their first 7” on Limited Appeal records…and good luck getting one it was pre-order only and I, like you, missed the boat on this. Which sucks because the two songs on the release Dumpster and You’re the Boss are fantastic; dare I say even radical. Comparable to early Jawbox or the Jesus Lizard. Wipes has a thick and full sound which makes the trio sound more like a double trio? I think it’s the excellent layering of distorted guitar and distorted bass which create a satisfying wall of sound that I will happily allow to collapse on me. I particularly enjoy the B side, You’re the boss. Hints of jazz and groove metal make this grinding track an ominous joy to listen to. But do not sleep on Dumpster, which was an infectiously catchy melody and delivers in every way. You can find this release on Bandcamp and follow them on socials so you don’t miss the next release.


By: James Lear

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