Creamboy – Clean Up My Mind

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Hooky Indie, folk, and punk influences collide with a distinct and idiosyncratic storytelling style to create this solid debut album from southern Ohio’s own Creamboy.

Theo Backus’ emotionally resonant lyrics (which touch on everything from queer identity to the complicated nature of human relationships), vocals, and guitar drives this power trio, while Halley Fulford’s bass and Elijah Batson’s drumming and backing vocals provide the necessary vehicle to your eardrums. And once there, you will find yourself singing and stomping along within no time.

No doubt a live act you will want to see when that becomes a world we live in once again. Until that day comes, this album will be more than a sufficient introduction. 

Standout tracks: clean up my mind, Christ on a stick, Tarzan, w/out u”