Josaleigh Pollett- No woman is the Sea

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With a title as intriguing as this, there’s no way I wouldn’t like it. And upon listening, it’s as if this album came to me at exactly the right time in my life. Ethereal indie rock arraignments, songwriting firmly rooted in singer songwriter folk, with lyrics equal parts poetic and emotionally specific. Speaking to the angst of existence is common in this field, but No Woman is the Sea has a way of somehow making it fresh. Josaleigh Pollett started in the same vein as many great singer songwriters, with just a single soul and their instrument of choice. Over time, her work has evolved into its current iteration, which is both refined and intimate. These songs are immaculately produced, deftly performed, but without betraying the overall sincerity her work is known for.

Author recommendation: a good cup of herbal tea, a comfy chair with view of the wind rustling the leaves outside, and this record. You will not be disappointed.

Standout tracks: Crying Wolf, Craigslistless , The Things We Won’t Talk About, No Man is and Island