Just Another Day – Woodie Lawson

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“Everything I do with my music I create. I don’t make things based on what people will like. I make them best on what I feel best expresses me.” Woodie Lawson’s music combines beats, guitar, and Woodie. His debut e.p. D.E.C. 28, came out on January 12 and displays his influences: Kid Cudi, Radiohead, and Kendrick Lamar. The opening track could be a mini album in itself, the first two minutes begin and end with the repetition of “Just another day” then the song goes in and out clips from live shows, along with reflections on relationships. There’s a lot to untangle.

Opening an album with an eight minute song is a bold move. The album continues to highlight his smooth and confident style while dwelling on issues of loss, growth, and hope. Woodie stated that the songs are “definitely about something I’ve gone through, or the world around me and how I perceive it to be.”

“I think my music stands alone from other rappers. I don’t have the same stand alone cookie cutter boom bap, or trap rap. When it cuts on I grab people’s attention. Everything I do with my music I create.”

“I think this is a great start to my future projects. I feel this is a project definitely people will reference throughout my music career. I think this will gradually grow in audience over the years and people will continue to discover it. I plan on making a deluxe version of this project. 3 more songs, making it into a LP by next December.”

D.E.C. 28 ends with Woodie and his guitar waiting at O’Hare airport. This closing bit with just Woodie and his guitar is a highlight that offers excitement for his future projects.


By: Tim Bauer