"taffeta sky tears in your eyes it's the least romantic night of your life if you leapt would you land
"The verdict is clear, the villains are here, destroy supremacy, end judicial tyranny." This song is why I love The
I've been listening to Baby Jesus Paper Boy since I heard them do a Pizza Underground tribute, about a year
"Kerouac-ac-ac panic attack on highway sixty-six-six(ck) as the story clicks" Geez Louize, what a first song from Leonora! This is the
What a cathartic and wonderful night of punk adjacent tunes. If you've never been to the Hideout in Chicago, what
"I think we’re gonna win this time. Yes even when our hearts been beat down. Yes even when see no
This is one of those rare albums that sound both new and incredibly familiar. Kazar finds the sweet spot between
Katy Needs a Life started as a solo project over a decade ago, until Katy needed a band. With Friends
Noise. It’s a wonderful thing. Rock…also a wonderful thing. So, noise rock, one can only ascertain, is a truly wonderful
" to translate to you! To transfer my meaning, to transport my view" This album is a lot. There are
Naive Joy's debut e.p. is a wonderful and eclectic introduction for this South Bend duo. The opening track Quixotic Burst
This album feels like a conversation, as if Sophia is talking and singing directly to the listener, with a little
Dang, these vocal melodies are hot. I first heard these songs at Chicago's Phyllis' Musical Inn, one of Everday Specials'
What a dang treat, more new Lung music! Their split with SKRT was already a highlight of the year. This
"Leaves fall on my head rain falls on my head everything above me falls onto my head (howling) my dog
When searching for new music, I'm always looking for songwriters who have a uniquely honest songwriting style, and Claudi is
This release has been on our radar since we interviewed the band earlier this year. Many of the songs in
Pop punk. Depending on how old you are, how many pairs of Dickies short you used to/currently own, or how
Belushi Speed Ball. The name says it all. This protothrash quartet hails from Louisville Kentucky and released their sophomore album
This album hits the spot! And not just because I relate to these songs on a personal level (Chicago, breakups,
Valparaiso Indiana is mostly known to being the home of Orville Redenbacher…which is a reference I feel may be dated,
"Human life has no meaning, still we find it in each other day," What a lovely lyrical sentiment! Each song
I was already a fan of Emily Jane Powers, and even more so now. The newest release from Emily increases
Alternative/indie/pop-rock trailblazer Liz Phair has returned with her first album of new material since 2010. And it was worth the
June is here. Compared to last summer, there seems to be child like wonder attached to this one. The excitement
Sunny, funky, good-time rock just in time for the summer. Enjoyable flow both in the sung and spoken verses, with
There's a warmth, there's a relaxing vibe. The vocals and backing vocals are well constructed, creating a welcoming ambience. Stylistic
"Life is about expanding and contracting. Every experience has a lesson, and every breath is a gift." Ashlee Alpha Shrimp
The Godawful Small Affairs are one of my favorite Chicago bands, and this release offers two more great songs. The
There's a lot going on here. Maybe this is an experimental goth-punk album? Maybe it's a weird electro trip that
As the title suggests, this really is an album for the heart. In the space of ten minutes, Kara Jackson
Sometimes I find it difficult to write about music I really like. This is one such case. The songs here
This is a dang good downer. The newish release from Able Baker features 5 pleasantly sad songs that mix together
"Were you just trying to figure me out then, a social science? Won't you share your findings with the subject
Prime punk/psych/noise rock from Chicago’s own La Cosa. Songs have a driving beat, reverb for days, and some pretty gnarly
"I am America, can you tell? I'm more unfair than a concrete cell" I want more music like this to
Brian Walker is quite the active and creative person: music with A Day Without Love, the podcast Dreams Not Memes,
"It’s a holy right of passage, fighting apathy...” Nashville Rock n Roll exactly as one would demand and expect! Volk
The stated aim in the artist bio is for this to sound like a “greatest hits” album of a crooner
"Demons like beautiful places. Demons like beautiful places" Sophie Brochu proclaims to the listener, "I never get good news," but
This split LP is an Ohio treat. Based in Dayton, SKRT have been playing their dense and energetic punk tunes
I’m just going to get right to it: listen to this, now if you can! Stop reading and go put
I am often suspicious of anything on the internet, on or about the first of April, so when I came
Pure Intruders formed less than a year ago, and they're off to a wonderful start. They formed during lock-down life
Definitely check this out if you're into dirty punk sounds, it's a 6 minute blast! Distorted and fast everything. This
I first heard The Black Tones on Friday, and this song has been stuck in my head since Friday. The
Before listening to rincs, I read their Spotify bio, which is also the only information I could find about them:
The latest from Turner Cody continues his twenty year winning streak of simple, thoughtful songwriting. Turner started in the New
This song is full of wit and insight, with references to Calvin & Hobbes and guest vocals from Honey Cellar.
Warren Dunes can write a very pleasant indie-pop tune. My favorite part of this band is the interaction between the
Some pretty rad psych/jam/shoegaze styled rock from Chicago’s own Diagonal. Here we have an interesting contradiction of vibes: dreamy and
Midwest garage rock at its best! One can hear traces of everything from the MC5 to the Stones to Tom
Do you remember fun? Do you like fun? Cool! Blow Pop's new single continues their winning streak of making ridiculous
This latest release from Tigershark Don’t Quit does what few could or would even want to, which is to capture
"Strapped and ready to go" Who better than Glitter Moneyyy to be the first act that Middle Music covers for
L.A. Fastlife traverses the garage, proto-punk, and rock superhighway both at a most intense rate of speed and at times
This is the type of band that you’d be pleased to stumble upon at a basement show anywhere in the
Chicago’s Jen & The Dots opens their self-titled debut with “Greta Garbo”, a song whose poppy hook ironically refers to
YeeHaw, new VoirVoir, their first new release in four years! Based out of Bethlehem, VoirVoir has an ethereal indie rock
"You're an asswhole but I am too" These five quick tunes were written and recorded on New Years Day in
Wild Honey Collective does exactly what they set out of to do, which is, amass a solid collection of front
I dig short songs, Dxtr Spits, and short albums, I like how the artist gets to the point, shares their
City Ghost is one of those bands that make me miss concerts more than most. Their energy is infectious, their
The label “psychedelic” may be tossed around too often for it to mean much, but this record certainly gives a
Noisy, rocking, distorted: I like those things. The songs are reminiscent of the more structured aspects of Sonic Youth or
With Grounded, Cleveland’s own Uno Lady has created an engaging and gratifying guide to mediation. The epitome of “headphone music”,
The feeling of calmness while getting onto a bus, but not knowing why you got on the bus, and where
Some musical works play like poetry, and Half Gringa’s latest release “Force to Recon” is certainly one of them. With
A wistful set of mainly acoustic guitar/vocal tracks by Kalamazoo’s own Knifetomeatyou. The vocals are multi-layered and evocative, with songs
On April 22nd, during the peak of lockdown isolation and anxiety, multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Lindsey Joy Ward unobtrusively released her
Brbra Bush does not sound like the mundane funk bands that you hear at brewery festivals, thank goodness (and sorry).
From the venerable Lansing-based GTG Records, we have this gem of basement rock by the Soods. Jason Roy’s songs feature
I’ve always thought February was the worst month, and I’m feeling that even harder this year. But I’m prepared to
Lady Queen Paradise’s new release “Diary” could not be more aptly named. These short, naked tracks are tiny windows into
“Are you a heathen or do you believe in Jesus?” Milwaukee band Large Print’s latest LP, ‘Winter/Spring’, opens  with an immediate,
The sound here is difficult to place, but highly enjoyable nonetheless! An intriguing blend of hip hop, jazz fusion, and
On every listen on this album, I got hung up on how the second track, I Need $$$ sounds like
Cheeky indie rock melodies and incredibly sharp and witty lyrics make up Los Angeles based Cheekface’s second full length album,
BLISTERING. What open flame or radiation would do to your skin, C.H.E.W.’s In Due Time 7” does to your ears—and
Do you lose your keys and mittens all the time? Then walk around singing "Where'd I Put That?" Cool, me
Kalamazoo’s own Aric has come through with a release that will be sure keep you warm this winter. Conceptualized as
This comical, Canadian, and insightful split e.p. expresses some of my 2020 feelings better than I have been able to
Who would’ve thought such sunny pop rock could come from a city as distinctly un-sunny as Chicago? Much like a
On Black Plight, Nnamdi continues to remind us that he’s a powerhouse of genre-jumping and a master song-crafter. The mathy
A personal journey through one man’s years, Ryan “Hoagie Wesley” Ensley’s third release as Sonny Falls sheds light on memories
…And You’re Doing Nothing is the second single out from Tape Girl, a solo project started last year by Beth
   Ephemeral, drifting, and warm: a long drive in an old car, across landscapes both lush and vast, traveling not
Cheers starts with 50 seconds of lo-fi punk intensity, recalling aspects of Titus Andronicus and Jeff Rosenstock. The rest of
Born from a scene where genre has become irrelevant, art rock sextet Cordoba takes a jazzy approach to protest music.
Superkick’s sophomore record Like This/Like That triggers the nostalgia of a band you wish you discovered in your final years of high
This is an 18 minute rock n roll party that also serves a nice bog off to misogyny in the
To say Tim Kensella is prolific would be a gross understatement. With Joan of Arc’s 24th studio record, Tim Melina
Angry & Hopeless & Sad is a continuation of Blastcap’s politically-driven, cathartic catalog. Blastcap delivers satisfying, ear-melting eclecticism with a
Matt Squared, based out of Kalamazoo, MI, is back with a new “holiday original about salting your sidewalk.” This might
I find it refreshing when something just ‘is what it is’. This album purports to have been made in a
  Sometimes sticky-sweet, sometimes achingly nostalgic, Honey Cellar’s debut album In Our Time tastes like your grammy’s prize pie recipe
Review and Art by: Maggie Denman One of my first instincts when I listen to a band is to picture
By Tim Bauer On the first listen of this album, I checked twice to make sure that I was still
With a title as intriguing as this, there’s no way I wouldn’t like it. And upon listening, it’s as if
Hooky Indie, folk, and punk influences collide with a distinct and idiosyncratic storytelling style to create this solid debut album
The third album from this Detroit duo, continues their swift, satirical punk stylings. Fuzzy, thick bass, politically absurd lyrics that
By: Kyle Land Hard to believe that Moveys is Slow Pulp’s debut full-length. It seems the dreamy indie rockers have
By Brad Miller A wicked rad guided tour of young love in 30 minutes or less! One of Chicago’s best