Blastcap – Angry & Hopeless & Sad

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Angry & Hopeless & Sad is a continuation of Blastcap’s politically-driven, cathartic catalog. Blastcap delivers satisfying, ear-melting eclecticism with a fistful of glitter. The album opens with a menacing glockenspiel performance of patriotism. “Triggered” thrashes. “Blank Stares” builds slow, grudging sludge into a throbbing sound wall. “Hopeless” serves as a meditative and melancholic dirge. Phlegmy shrieks and primal growls express the agony of this stupid year. Beneath all, an incessant, sinister roar. Fighter jets or medical helicopters? Some tracks end abruptly, others fade to nothingness. The pacing of the album is chaotic, disjointed. Every word accuses a corrupt elected official. Every distorted arpeggio documents a failing democracy. 

Blast Angry & Hopeless & Sad as you prepare for battle; against heteronormativity and hate, for a better world. 

Standout tracks: Marriage To The Ropemaker’s Daughter; Triggered; Hopeless

By: Vero Rose Smith