Brbra Bush – Blowie 1+2

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Brbra Bush does not sound like the mundane funk bands that you hear at brewery festivals, thank goodness (and sorry). This vinyl release combines two previous albums from this jumbo sized Chicago funk band. Lets start with the vinyl, 100% must have for record lovers. This record is “Hand made, hand painted, screenprinted, block printed, recycled, repurposed, UV/blacklight sensitive, 3D stereoscopic xeroxed jackets labels sleeves and poster insert.” Yee Haw! It’s beautifully unique. Then there’s the music! Short experimental tracks mix in with catchy funk jams. Hunny Gotta Heinie and Ride the Style are definite recommends for a solo dance party. You can dance to this album, while scratching your head. Or maybe enjoying it with “a handful of grass and the other grabbing ass, yah know what I mean?”

By: Tim Bauer