Córdoba – Specter

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Born from a scene where genre has become irrelevant, art rock sextet Cordoba takes a jazzy approach to protest music. Mixing elements of R&B, hip hop, rock, punk, and of course jazz, this Chicago act has released one excellent full length debut. Brianna Tong’s haunting vocals float about in the ether of Cam Cunningham’s compositions to produce a sound that is one part Irreversible Entanglements, with a splash of Zappa, and a big spoonful of Chicago nu-jazz soul. Recorded in 2019, the band now refers to this as their “old album” and is working on a brand new bunch of material to unleash on the eager ears of Chicago music goers. 


Stand out tracks: “Diluvian” “No Horizon” and “No Answer”

By: Kyle Land