Warren Dunes – Get Well Soon

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Warren Dunes can write a very pleasant indie-pop tune. My favorite part of this band is the interaction between the keyboards and guitar. The way that the instruments seem to be communicating with each other is reminiscent of some of the better aspects of Phish (undo your eye-roll please). Julia Massey’s vocals come off with a laid back soulfulness, while also sometimes coming out in a staccato way that uniquely blends with the percussion. Even in the more somber moments, there is a sense of joy in this album. A feeling of being alive and a love for playing music. This feeling will resonate with anyone who has enjoyed the wonders of being at the Warren Dunes park and beach in Michigan. The band, Warren Dunes might be based out of Seattle, but 2/3 of the band started their music journey in southwest Michigan. Looking forward to when Warren Dunes can safely place in the vicinity of the Warren Dunes.

By: Tim Bauer