Beach Boys Club – Vol. 1: Don’t Worry, Baby (Covers from the Pre​-​Pet Sounds Era)

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I’ve always thought February was the worst month, and I’m feeling that even harder this year. But I’m prepared to be swept away to a sunnier, beachier place by putting this compilation on repeat.

Beach Boys Club Vol. 1: Don’t Worry, Baby – Covers From the Pre-Pet Sounds Era” features 41 renditions from the Beach Boys’ output through “Beach Boys Party,” created by musicians across Chicago, Sacramento and beyond. 

From the Bandcamp page:

“Sam, Eli, Shelby, and John started The Beach Boys Club in August 2020 to listen to the entire Beach Boys discography. We’re still going at it. Somewhere along the way, Shelby had the idea to turn our little listening parties into an open-community, multi-volume covers compilation.

From the spoken-word mini-memoir “Be True With Your School (A Reminiscence),” to the wordless vocal, synth and drum machine groove of “Barbara Ann,” to the guitar instrumental reinterpretation of “Girl Don’t Tell Me” (one of four versions!), it’s safe to say that this compilation pays reverence to the Boys’ golden songbook while completely deconstructing it.”

Proceeds from the compilation ($15 suggested donation) are being donated to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI Chicago) and NorCal Resist.

If you’re interested in submitting to the next compilation (covering “Smiley Smile” to “Beach Boys Love You”) or you would like to attend the bi-monthly Beach Boys Club meetings, you can send an email to

By: Anna Holmquist

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