Blow Pop – Just Friends

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Do you remember fun? Do you like fun? Cool! Blow Pop’s new single continues their winning streak of making ridiculous disco flavored pop songs. I Got the Moves¬†is a welcomed reminder that we used to go out and dance. Oh yeah, people used to smile too. I certainly got a smile out of the repeated “time time time” fadeout outro.¬†Friendly is a lovely ballad that shows a less silly side. Blow Pop is the duo of Avery and Keaton, who are involved in many music projects in Detroit. They can also be heard on Caked Up Cowboy, who put out my favorite dump truck related song of 2020, and they have performed with Valerie the Vulture, who is 100% worth checking out. Detroit is home to some of the best tunes in the Midwest, and this pair of songs keeps the good Detroit tunes coming.

By: Tim Bauer

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