Matt Squared – I Think We’re Gonna Win This Time

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“I think we’re gonna win this time.
Yes even when our hearts been beat down.
Yes even when see no future”

About a decade ago, I spent a summer listening to Hot Chip and Yeasayer on repeat. I often forget about this era of music listening, but this new single from Matt Squared revived those pleasant synth memories. The newest release from Matt Squared is the strongest release yet from this project. Matt has a history in punk and musical theater and glimpses of that history exist in this textured and upbeat song. The verses are a back-and-forth between the high and low end of Matt’s vocal range, which seems to be representative of the overall feel and message of this song. The lyrics find an honest place between hope heartbreak, and doom. It’s always a pleasure to hear more good tunes from Kalamazoo.


– Tim Bauer

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