Safe x Sound – Documentary Trailer

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Brian Walker is quite the active and creative person: music with A Day Without Love, the podcast Dreams Not Memes, and now a documentary. In the trailer, Brian states that “When I am vulnerable and authentic, people see that and respond to it with their own authenticity.”

This trailer, and the eventual documentary will surely resonate with anyone who has drove around the country playing basements, cafes, and bars. Especially anyone who has gone on this journey with the pursuit of connections, community, and the sense of adventure. The experience of driving three hours to play for 7 people who feel like your new best friends, or to 70 people who will soon forget that they ever heard you. The pursuit of honesty with chords, words, and friends.

If you’re not familiar, check out Brian’s podcast too, Dreams Not Memes, you can even catch a episode where Middle Music is discussed.

By: Tim Bauer

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