The Counter Elites – Abort the Court

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“The verdict is clear, the villains are here, destroy supremacy, end judicial tyranny.”

This song is why I love The Counter Elites: fuzzy distorted bass lines, shouted then spoken vocals, punchy drums, and lyrics focused on the destructiveness of American politics and elites. In just three words, The Counter Elites sum up how many of us are feeling, “Abort the Court.” It feels pretty dang good to shout “Abort the court” too, I recommend it. If you haven’t listened to The Counter Elites before, check out their past three albums of satirical, political punk tunes. The immediacy and quickness of this release is also very impressive. If you download the song for $2, the money goes to The National Network of Abortion Funds (NNAF). If you download the song, you also get an additional bonus song.

-Tim Bauer

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